August 2014 blogs - Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff

CaffeineAugust 27th 2014

Caffeine seems to be a harmless drug, as far as drugs go. And you can probably think of a long list of benefits that come with that cup of coffee. But are there any downsides to consuming too much caffeine? READ MORE




Bodyweight exercisesAugust 19th 2014

If you find yourself struggling to find time to drive to the gym, give these bodyweight exercises a try. READ MORE





Best total body stretchesAugust 12th 2014

The facts about stretching as well as the best stretches for total body flexibility. READ MORE





Stop diabetesAugust 5th 2014

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes can serve as a wake-up call, a second chance to turn your health around and reduce your blood sugar. Without necessary changes, however, be prepared to develop diabetes in less than 10 years.