December 2014 blogs - Personal Training in Cardiff with Boxfit

AbsDecember 23rd 2014

Whether you’re seeking a six pack or you just want to have a more stable trunk, a good way to begin is by dropping the core-specific exercises and doing things a little bit different… READ MORE


Diet friendly foodsDecember 16th 2014

Looking to shed a few pounds? Who isn’t? By making a few small changes in the types of food you eat, you can save your waistline from a lot of calories. Many foods have simple substitutes that taste similar, if not better. Here are a few ideas to get you started. READ MORE


leg exercisesDecember 9th 2014

Want to love your legs? Tired of the flab and lack of tone? Add the following exercises to your routine three non-consecutive days of the week. READ MORE


December 2nd 2014

While physical activity is normally emphasised as the best way to burn calories, eating certain foods can actually aid in the process. Check out these fat burning foods! READ MORE