June 2015 blogs - Personal Training in Cardiff with Boxfit

stay fit on holidayJune 30th 2015

There are plenty of strategies and techniques out there to stay fit on holiday, but the last thing you want to do when you’re away is to follow a list of 20 odd things to do just to ensure you avoid those holiday pounds – you are getting away to relax, after all! Keep reading for  2 simple steps to avoid the dreaded holiday fat trap: READ MORE



beach ready absJune 23rd 2015

July is almost here, bringing with it the promise of warmer weather to come. You know what happens when the weather warms up? People put on bathing suits. Are you ready to bare it all on the beach? If not, no worries, there is still time. Follow these 12 steps to get beach ready abs:READ MORE



quick healthy mealsJune 16th 2015

Most of us want to eat healthy – we really do – but a single detrimental factor gets in our way…we simply don’t have the time. To get you on the fast track to healthy eating, here are 5 quick healthy meals that take only 5 minutes to prepare: READ MORE



fad dietsJune 9th 2015

Sure, you may lose 5, 10 or even 20 pounds on a fad diet, but you’ll gain it all back and then some. Read on to find out why fad diets don’t work and the solution to your fad dieting nightmare:



refresh your workoutJune 2nd 2015

Has your exercise routine gotten stale? Boredom with your routine quickly leads to shorter workouts then before you know it, you’re skipping training altogether. In order to see results, your routine must continuously change and challenge your muscles in new ways. Here are 5 ways to refresh your existing workout routine in order to see quicker and more dramatic results:READ MORE