March 2015 blogs - Personal Training in Cardiff with Boxfit

Flat AbsMarch 31st 2015

Wish your stomach was flatter and more toned? Exercise alone will not get you a toned stomach – diet is a huge part of the equation. Here are 5 ways to improve your eating habits that will dramatically flatten your abs. READ MORE


crave less sugarMarch 24th 2015

Cutting sugar from your diet is easier said than done. Once it is part of your daily diet, cravings strike, causing you to eat it even more frequently. Here are 7 ways to crave less sugar you’re eating that’s killing your results and keeping you from attaining your goal weight. READ MORE


best exerciseMarch 17th 2015

What is the one single exercise that will help lose the most fat or sculpt the quickest? Does it exist? READ MORE


reduce body fatMarch 10th 2015

Got body fat? While fat loss can be quite frustrating, these 7 strategies are proven to help you slim down fast. READ MORE


exercise after pregnancyMarch 3rd 2015

3 tips to safely and effectively get you back into exercise after pregnancy. READ MORE