September 2014 blogs - Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff

Lose WeightSeptember 30th 2014

Is there an exercise that ranks number one for weight loss? If there is such an exercise, would you do it? READ MORE






DiabetesSeptember 23rd 2014

After being diagnosed with Diabetes and tipping the scales at 21 stone, Boxfit client Les makes a life changing breakthrough. Find out how in our interview with him! READ MORE







MetabolismSeptember 16th 2014

What can you do to increase your metabolism and help your body lose weight faster at the same time? Find out! READ MORE





Cast iron absSeptember 9th 2014

Contrary to popular belief, crunching out hundreds of crunches every day will not cause six pack abs to magically appear. Find out why… READ MORE





Not losing weightSeptember 2nd 2014

You’re determined to lose weight. You want your body and your health back. So you’re running on the treadmill three days a week and doing two spin classes a week, but you’ve stopped seeing the results you want. Rather than seeing the scale go down, it’s staying put or even going up. Are you doing something wrong? READ MORE