Success stories - Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff

*Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 2-4x/week. Individual results may vary.

Hanna Hopwood (Journalist) – Group Training

“I went from saying that I couldn’t do things to pushing myself to surpass the next goal.”

“Working with Boxfit was an extremely rewarding experience. I had never had sessions like these before and was quite anxious at first thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do anything! But every session was varied, exciting and challenging, and I couldn’t believe how much my attitude towards exercise in general had changed – I went from saying that I couldn’t do things to pushing myself to surpass the next goal – and that was all thanks to the determination, dedication and friendly nature of the trainers who won’t let you give up until you’ve achieved what you signed up to do!”


Leslie Osborne-Ford (Hairdresser) – One-On-One Training

Total Weight Loss – 71 lbs.

“Thanks to Boxfit, in 8 short weeks my cholesterol and blood fats have been lowered.”

Success Story - Personal Training Cardiff“10 weeks ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes my fasting bloods on average were off the scale. My blood fats were a massive 9.2 when they should be 2!!!! I then started medication that increased rapidly and decided to turn my life around – that’s where Boxfit stepped in. In 8 short weeks,  I have managed to turn things around.  As of today, my cholesterol is 3.4, my blood fats 1.1 so off goes the statin! My blood glucose levels are now at an average 5.5  so my diabetes medication has been halved and I will work towards clearing it off.  I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your help and belief in me.”


Roiyah Saltus (Researcher) – One-On-One Training

Total Weight Loss – 18 lbs. / 14 inches lost

“Boxfit has helped me change my life.”

Success Story - Personal Training Cardiff“The Boxfit team are knowledgeable, consistent in their assessment of your progress and, moreover great at motivating you. You’ll be put in a position where you learn to expect that you will achieve your goals. My lifestyle has changed since I began working with them in September 2012.  The personalised programmes they set for me has allowed me to grow stronger, leaner and fitter – losing weight has been the added bonus! In our twice weekly, 30 minute sessions, I trust them to push me beyond my limits and I do not have to think about what I can or cannot do – I just ‘do it’! As a result I sleep much better, I have more concentration and focus at work, and  I have loads of energy to keep up with my son. In addition, I have a better understanding of the foods I eat and, with a willing and supportive husband, a better handle in ensuring that I combine my workouts with eating sensibly. Thanks a lot Kev, your positive energy definitely helps & motivates! You have helped me change my life.”


Nic Dunlop (Lecturer) – One-On-One Training

“With Boxfit, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.”

 alt=“I was initially sceptical about the idea of ‘personal training’ – surely I could get the same results training by myself? However, having completed one of Boxfit’s introductory kickstarter courses, eight months on I remain a committed and long-term client, and have achieved more than I ever thought possible. Why? In short, Kev is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable person to train with. Unlike many other elite athletes, he is also a great teacher – he explains boxing techniques and exercise forms in a way which is clear and jargon-free. He continually motivates you to push yourself, and keeps his workouts varied and interesting. Whether you want to work on weight-loss, stamina, technique, motivation or nutrition Kev has a solution for all your training needs.”


Steve Stewart – Group Boxing Sessions

“Boxfit’s group boxing sessions make me feel as fit today as I did when I was playing rugby.”

Success Story - Personal Training Cardiff“After ending a 30 year rugby career as both a player and a coach I was desperate to continue with a training programme that would challenge me and keep me motivated. I was then introduced to Kev’s Group Boxing sessions. It’s a great way to keep your training fun as well as being informative; you’ll learn something new every week.

I now train with Kev twice a week in a group format and have done for 2 years and I feel as fit today as I did when I was playing rugby. I would recommend Kevin’s classes to anyone who is interested in getting themselves into shape, whatever their fitness level is.”

Dave & Eleanor – Kickstart Package

5 inches lost                “Within 6 weeks we have gone from never having run before to being able to run 5K!”

“We have been having personal training sessions with Kev for the past 6 weeks and are both really happy with the results that we have achieved so far. Boxfit are excellent motivators and push us harder in our sessions than we would ever work on our own or in a group exercise class. They listened to our goals and have provided us with tailor made gym programmes especially targeted for what we wanted to achieve. Within just 6 weeks we have gone from never having run before to being able to run 5K, our fitness levels have greatly improved, we have both lost weight and between us have lost 5 inches from around our waists. The sessions are worth every penny and we would definitely recommend Boxfit to anyone seeking a personal trainer!”

Lesley Harbidge (Lecturer) – One-On-One Training

Total Weight Loss – 10 lbs. / 18 inches lost

“Boxfit sessions have completely changed my approach to my training and diet.”

“Whilst losing inches has been great, my sessions with Boxfit have completely changed my approach to my training and my diet: I’m using my time in the gym much more wisely, working muscles I never realised I could get, and eating a much more sustainable healthy diet. I began training with Boxfit after being so impressed with the results a friend had achieved with them. And, since seeing my results, others have signed up for the programme.”


Howard Hogg (The Killer From Manila) – 12 Week Boxing Package

“Boxfit’s training is so versatile and caters for anybody’s needs, no matter what their ability is.”

“Well what can I say, Kev has progressed from a personal trainer in my local gym to what I now consider a close personal friend. His lively and vibrant personality is extremely infectious.

In terms of training, his programmes are always fresh and dynamic I never know what I’m going to get, but I’m always 100% pleased with the results. His training is so versatile and he will cater for anybody’s needs, no matter what their ability is.

In a nutshell Kev is a lot of fun, approachable and I think what really sets him above everyone else is his attention to detail and how thorough he is whilst coaching – he strives for the best results. The fact that Kev has already been there, done it and won it means that his experience has been completely invaluable to me and I know that I’ve benefited hugely from his influence and boxing coaching sessions.”

WKA – British Lightweight Champion, IKF – British Super Lightweight Champion, WKA – European Super Lightweight Champion

Claire Hanson (Sales Coordinator) – Fatblast Fitness Package

Total Weight Loss – 7 lbs. / 10.5 inches lost

“I started to notice a difference in a short space of time.”

“I started the Fatblast package in preparation for my wedding, I was going to the gym on a regular basis but felt I was stuck in a rut and receiving no results from my own efforts.

Boxfit talk you through your goals clearly at the start of the program and set you some realistic goals to achieve. Every session is unique, and the program is tailored to your ability and end goal so you really feel like you are achieving something with each visit. That, combined with the dietary analysis provided means you start to notice a difference even in a short space of time..
It has had such a positive impact on my health, diet, fitness and body shape – my total inch loss after 6 weeks was 10 inches!”

Hayley Ward (Medical Rep) – Buddy Training

Total Weight Loss – 4 lbs. / 5 inches lost

“I started to see shape change and definition that I had never seen in my adult life.”

“Before I started personal training with Boxfit I had an average level of fitness. However, at the age of 35 I had never done any weight-bearing exercise.

The training sessions were always varied in activity but consistent in their intensity. I found my strength improved quickly and I saw my body shape change more than it ever had just simply doing cardiovascular based exercise. Although I found the sessions tough, the enthusiasm and encouragement the team provided made me push harder than I ever had before.

Thanks to Boxfit I improved my overall fitness, noticeable in my running as I started to run faster and more importantly, I started to see shape change and definition that I had never seen in my adult life.”

Anne Humphreys (Retired) – One-On-One Training

4.5 inches lost                  “I am fitter and stronger than I have been for nearly 20 years!”

“I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, and the pain had become so bad that I could not walk for more than 100 metres without being in pain. My physiotherapist suggested I started to build the muscles surrounding the knee and that this would help me walk further and without pain.

So I started training with Boxfit about 3 months ago and I have found that my overall strength has improved tremendously. I can now walk quite long distances and up hills without pain or discomfort. A major breakthrough!!!
We have been specifically been working with kettlebells to target the areas that needed strengthening and I have found additional benefits in toning and strength throughout my body including upper body strength.

I am fitter and stronger than I have been for nearly 20 years and it is fun!!!

Fiona Pritchard (Marketing Manager) – 12 Week Package

7.5 inches lost                  “Boxfit’s challenging sessions got me out of my fitness rut.”

“Having done the same classes for a few years I was getting bored and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. That’s when my cousin recommended Boxfit. I went along to one of her sessions and found it really challenging and it made me realise I’d got into a fitness rut.

So I signed up for the Boxfit 12 week programme and I was so pleased with the results. They completely re-educated the way I thought about exercise and what I should be eating and I could see and feel the difference within a few weeks. That was over a year ago and I’m still training with them now because the sessions are always challenging and fun. They will constantly be monitoring how my fitness is improving and advising me on my food choices from the last week. I’m now confident I can make the right exercise and food choices week-in week-out that fit into my busy lifestyle, help maintain my figure and keeps me challenging my fitness levels.


Helen Whitfield and baby Maddie – Post-pregnancy Package

Total Weight Loss – 56 lbs.                       “Boxfit has helped build my confidence.”

“During my pregnancy I gained 4 and a half stone. After my pregnancy I had no idea how to shed so much weight. I signed up with Boxfit Personal Training because I didn’t like the thought of leaving my new baby and I felt embarrassed about going to the gym. Home Training has been flexible (around my baby) and has helped to build my self-confidence.
I have lost 4 stone with Kevin’s help and would highly recommend it to any new mum.”

Dan Hale – Boxing Package

“The knowledge and support from Boxfit has been outstanding.”

Dan Hale testimonial boxing“I have recently trained for an exhibition boxing event with Kev and the knowledge and support he has given has been outstanding. His easy to understand teaching style makes him the ideal trainer.”

Clive Thomas (Solicitor) – Corporate Training

“The sessions have been excellent and tailored to suit everyone.”

“I asked Kevin to give a weekly fitness session to my staff. I knew this would be no mean feat because of the wide variety of ages and fitness levels. However, I needn’t have worried as Kevin’s sessions have been excellent and he has tailored them to suit everyone. They have been challenging but still good fun. I have had excellent feedback from the staff and I think it has been very good for my business. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kevin Foley.”


Arnot Hughes (Architect) – One-On-One Training

“Boxfit training is a revelation!”

“I have trained all my life and maintained a reasonable level of fitness through a number of sports; I have latterly discovered the benefits of one-on-one personal training.
Boxfit training with Kev and Phil is a revelation. They both maintain an ever changing, motivational programme of exercises, which pushes you that extra yard (actually several yards!).
I always look forward to the sessions and then wonder how I kept at it for an hour. The answer – their encouraging and friendly manner. The result, a great feeling of physical well being, and a clearer mental approach to the rest of the day.”


Ian Monro (Retired) – One-On-One Training

“Boxfit’s exercises enabled me to be more active and pain free.”

“In my seventies with scoliosis and arthritis, I was becoming less mobile and consequently less fit.
Boxfit guided, encouraged and cajoled me with a regime of exercises tailored to my condition enabling me to be more active and pain free. I couldn’t have achieved that without them.”

Steve Mccarthy (Civil Engineer) – One-On-One Training

“Boxing is a great workout!”

“Kev’s expertise and immense knowledge of boxing combined with his ability to make you feel at ease makes him the ideal personal trainer. Boxing is a sport that I had never really thought was for me, but it’s a great workout and fills you with confidence and sometimes when he’s not looking, I get to land a few punches of my own!”


Liz Gordon (General Practitioner) – One-On-One Training

“Boxfit has resulted in me achieving a level of fitness I never thought I’d have.”

“I have trained with Kev over the last three years and cannot speak highly enough of his personal training skills. This characteristic combined with his talent for motivating has resulted in me working harder than I ever thought I could and achieving a level of fitness I never thought I’d have.
I would recommend training with Kev to people of any age, gender or background. I only wish I could prescribe him to my patients.”

Natasha Llewelyn (Full-time Mother) – Kickstart package

Total Weight Loss – 13 lbs. / 11 inches lost

“It has definitely been the best money I have spent on myself! I can now get back into my favourite clothes.”

“Before I embarked on the six week kickstart programme with Boxfit, I was starting to get very disillusioned with the whole gym and diet scenario. I never seemed to shift any considerable weight and felt like I was getting nowhere. I must say that it has definitely been the best money I have spent on myself!

Since I have had 2 children my shape had changed and I couldn’t get into any of my old favourite clothes. In just 6 weeks under the brilliant guidance of Kev, I have lost a stone in weight and lost 9 inches all over my body and can now get back into my favourite clothes. To say that I am happy with the results is an understatement! I really didn’t think it was possible to see such amazing results in just 6 weeks. Through the guidance and expertise knowledge they provided, I am able to maximise my time in the gym to get the best results. It’s given me the confidence to train alone knowing what I am doing is right. I highly recommend training with Boxfit…… unless of course you are happy with your shape and plodding along in the gym and seeing no results!”

Nicola Bowes (Lecturer) – Fatblast Fitness package

Total Weight Loss – 10 lbs. / 6 inches lost

“Boxfit pushed me to my real limits – not beyond and not short of them.”

“I had the Fatblast programme bought for me as a gift in the run up to our wedding to help me train and lose weight.  I’ve always felt a little self conscious of training but Kev was sensitive to that and tailored the programme to push me – not just get me doing any old training that others do. He pushed me to my real limits, not beyond and not short of them and I managed to lose 10lbs and 6 inches over my body.  My dress will fit me a lot better now and I’m much stronger and fitter, so I’m looking forward to continuing what I’ve started!

Keith David – 12 Week Boxing Package

“Boxfit has helped me succeed with any challenges or goals I have set.”

“I trained with Kev for 10 weeks whilst preparing for a charity boxing fight, We worked on everything from basic punching technique to foot work, head movement and defence. Kev has helped me succeed with any challenges or goals I have set.”

Wynne Evans (Opera Singer) – One-On-One Training

“With Boxfit training, I was able to complete ‘The Great North Run’.”

“Since starting my training with Kev, I have reached lots of my personal fitness goals, just seven months after starting. With Kev’s unique training style I was able to complete ‘The Great North Run’ which after spending most of my life being very over weight, was something that I hadn’t even thought I would be able to achieve.”

 Ann Matthews (Administrator) – One-On-One Training

“I have achieved more than I ever thought possible with Boxfit, resulting in 7lbs of weight loss and a toned body.”