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weight loss“Boxfit helped me beat Diabetes!”

Total weight loss of 71 lbs. (5 stone)*

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Here is Les Osborne-Ford’s inspirational weight loss story.

“I’m now lighter, healthier and med free…”

In August 2012, after spending the best part of 2 years feeling “not 100%”, and after persuasion of the doctor to send me for blood tests with pains in my feet and ankles, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was 44 years of age and suddenly, I’d gone from a comparatively healthy 20/30 something who would rarely take any medicine, not even a paracetamol for a headache, to a fat middle-aged man who suddenly was on a regime of pill chasing.

Devastated is not the word! After the initial self-blame and loathing, I decided that I had 2 choices – let diabetes control me or I took control of it – I chose the latter and faced my demons. I took note of all my medical vitals then joined a gym! Knowing physical exercise was a good way to control or maybe even “cure” the disease, I weighed and measured and started to pound the treadmill. What a painful experience it was, mentally and physically. The scales tipped 21st 9 lbs. and after 46 seconds of brisk walking on the treadmill, I thought I was going to die! How could I let this happen to myself? 2 weeks passed and little was going except my enthusiasm and motivation. Enter my solution… Kev Foley and Boxfit Personal Training.

After an initial consultation with Kev and an analysis of my needs and goals, he set about getting me onto the road to a healthier, slimmer me and hopefully, a kick in the butt to the diabetes I so desperately wanted to be rid of. It wasn’t going to happen overnight! I signed up for 6 weeks initially, twice a week and was adamant I was never going to do half the things he expected, like boxing!

Each session Kev would push a bit more with trying an exercise, encouraging to just try and if unable, a simpler alternative to work towards it. It elevated the self-imposed embarrassment of being a fat guy doing exercise. Kev started to introduce interval training, resistance training and bouts of cardio and combined training. I held a kettlebell for the first time ever and then came the fateful day…boxing gloves! Good grief, the dread, the shame I was going to encounter of probably punching like a weed. “It’s a fantastic form of exercise Les, it works the whole body, you’ll love it. Come on!” I remember Kev saying encouragingly after my warm up on the bike. Did I go without making a fuss and some noise to the boxing room? NO. What a revelation, it was actually awesome. I loved it!

The 6 weeks passed and I dropped a couple of stone and a few inches so it was a step in the right direction. I even dropped some pills, but impatience was setting in. Months went by, my diet was good but I plateaued for what seemed forever. Kev kept saying it was probably my meds as all else was in order. He persevered and tried to keep me focused. By now, I was also doing circuits and box ‘n; tone classes with Ellis Spear, Kev’s new edition to the training team. I was working like mad! Kev wrote and rewrote my exercise plans and regimes, constantly trying to satisfy my now negative mind and approach to my diabetes cure quest. I was building muscle, I was fit but I couldn’t drop the pounds and slim down to get rid of diabetes. Was it ever going to happen?

Breakthrough came in April 2014 when Kev did the Boxfit 21 Day Fatblast Program, a 3 week course of nutrition analysis and exercise to kick start weight loss. I enrolled. With a new mindset and the nutritional rules given to me by Kev, plus extra research as to what worked at lowering my blood glucose and what made it spike, Fatblast began. After 3 weeks, I lost a stone – 18st 11lbs down to 17st 11lbs! Both Kev and Ellis were now even more encouraging and pushing harder. There was a new found enthusiasm and need to succeed.

A further 12 weeks down the line, I’m 3 1/2 stone lighter, healthier and now med free! In fact, I am now classified Diabetes resolved. CURED. I can’t begin to thank the Boxfit family and team enough for their perseverance and belief that we could beat it. I’m now healthier than I’ve ever been and love every aspect of my workouts. Kev and the Boxfit family, I can honestly say, are one of the best things to have happened to me health wise and mentally. I love the new me, what I am achieving, and the health it has given me a second chance at. Thanks Boxfit!

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