Rachel's weight loss at Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff

*Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 2-4x/week. Individual results may vary.

Weight loss“Boxfit has changed my life in every way!”

Total weight loss of 43 lbs. (3 stone)
16.5 inches lost

At Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff, we love sharing the success stories of the clients we’ve worked with. Here is Rachel Goold’s amazing weight loss story.

“Life before Boxfit…”

I was going on 23 stone struggling to do day-to-day things. Due to being severely overweight, I had very low self-esteem and everything was such an effort. My sister first started training with Boxfit and I could see massive results to her. So after much thought and unhappy days, I decided to take the plunge and change my life. I met up with Kev and he was very positive and supportive of my goals. To be honest, knowing how lazy I’d become, I didn’t think I would stick to it but after several sessions I became hooked after seeing massive results, especially with weight loss and my body completely changing shape! I even managed to walk up hills, which I hadn’t done in nearly 20 years!

This has changed my life in every way. I’ve realised exercise is important and how to eat right, and my whole outlook on things is much more positive.

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