Group Training - Boxfit Personal Training Cardiff

Boxfit PT Group Training is no ordinary program – our aim is to change lives. It is impossible to do this with just an hour per week so instead we offer memberships. This means that we can offer you the full package that includes exercise, nutrition, support and most importantly serious results! Our Group Training sessions run Monday to Saturday starting from 630am up until 8pm. We use a wide variety of training methods and utilise the latest progressions in fitness industry. It is fun and light hearted, welcoming and accommodating to all regardless of fitness ability, age or gender.  Your Boxfit Group Training membership includes:

  • One hour initial consultation to include individual goal setting and nutritional planning
  • Access to 20 Group training sessions per week in our private studio
  • 6 Weekly goal setting and re-testing to ensure you are staying on track with your goals. This is not optional, our job as coaches is to hold you accountable for your results.
  • Continued support from our expert trainers when ever you need us. Contact us by phone, email or talk to us at a session.
  • Educational group workshops to pass over knowledge that will enable you to maintain your results for a lifetime.
  • Bring a friend referral scheme offering amazing rewards to existing members.

This is your chance to be a part of a team that are all following the same path as you. You never have to be lonely in this journey again!

Let’s chat to see if our program is right for you! Just click on the button below.


Hanna Hopwood (Journalist)

“I went from saying that I couldn’t do things to pushing myself to surpass the next goal.”

“Working with Boxfit was an extremely rewarding experience. I had never had sessions like these before and was quite anxious at first thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do anything! But every session was varied, exciting and challenging, and I couldn’t believe how much my attitude towards exercise in general had changed – I went from saying that I couldn’t do things to pushing myself to surpass the next goal – and that was all thanks to the determination, dedication and friendly nature of the trainers who won’t let you give up until you’ve achieved what you signed up to do!”