Small Group Personal Training Cardiff

Welcome to Boxfit’s Small Group Personal Training in Cardiff

Our fastest growing training program, which delivers big results, without the big price tag. Our entire focus is on quality over quantity. You will workout with up to 5 people in a fun, friendly and motivating environment and still get the personal touch and service that our VIP clients get.

This program allows you to achieve the best results possible, in a fantastic environment. Working out with others, in a small group creates an incredibly motivating atmosphere. You get levels of support that you have not experienced before, coming from people just like you. There is no better way to lose weight, tone up, and reach higher levels of fitness.

A lot of our small group training clients came to us because they were experiencing some of the following problems…

  • They would look in the mirror, and hate what they saw looking back
  • Find that their clothes were tight and didn’t fit anymore
  • They were exercising 3-5 times a week and still not getting the results they want
  • They were frustrated
  • Lacking confidence
  • They wanted a personal touch without the big price tag

Have you attempted to get fit, and lose weight by starting an exercise or nutrition program, then get frustrated with the lack of results so you just stop, or give up,

If you have TRIED EVERYTHING, but nothing has really worked.

Then the small group personal training could be a great program for you.

How does small group differ to personal training?

The only difference is that your workouts will be in a small group of up to 5 people. Other than that, the programs are pretty much same, you still do the exercises that are suited to you and you still get all of the same tools along with close access to the coaches.

Our clients thrive in this environment, with the social aspect, and increased levels of motivation. You are guaranteed to push yourself further.

100% Results Guarantee

Like all our programmes, you have 12 weeks, get results or get your money back.

What will you get out of Small Group Training in Cardiff with Boxfit?


We are in the results business, and ultimately that is what is important. Training with Boxfit, guarantees your success.

We include EVERYTHING that is required for success.
Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, Support, Motivation, Accountability.

We’re a private personal training studio, so the added benefits include, no busy times, no waiting for equipment, no intimidating people, no egos – just a fun, enjoyable family environment where you get results.

Don’t wait any longer, let’s chat to see if our program is right for you! Just click on the button below.


Michael Elliston

“I’ve learnt how to eat better and lost weight!”

weight loss

“I started the Fatblast program as I had extra weight that I wanted to get rid of but was struggling to do it on my own. Since starting the program 21 days ago I have learnt how to eat better and I’ve lost weight and inches, which is a great motivator. Having a trainer motivates you so much more than if you are on your own.”

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Anthony Di Palma

“Boxfit has given me motivation to workout!”

weight loss

“In no time at all, life has changed for the better. I made small changes to the way I was eating, and combined with the training, straight away felt more active and healthy in general, and more alert especially in work.”

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Mao Wang

“Boxfit has helped me look and feel fitter!”

“Since joining Boxfit I have lost several stone and inches, but most importantly I look and feel a lot fitter. I now feel good about myself, and especially feel proud that I am so much stronger. I know how to box, use and can lift weights, which I never imagined before.”

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