The RISE of Fredia Gibbs | The World’s Most Dangerous Woman’s Escape from The Grim Sleeper

✪ The inspiring story of Frida Gibbs and how her uncle taught her how to fight in order to build her self confidence, but little did she know that everything her uncle taught her was to prepare her for the biggest battle of her life. Ending up as one of The Grim Sleeper’s victims, her uncle’s training of finding the key was exactly what she had to do to escape.

Shortly after she had to fight for the world’s title and her mother’s words resonated with her in the ring – “Your the one that her mother warned her about! You are a star and your job is to let the world know that you are a star!”

00:00 Intro
01:00 You Got It In You – You Just Don’t Know it
02:58 Rebuilding Your Self Confidence
04:18 Encounter with The Grim Sleeper
07:02 The Fight For the World Title
08:15 I’m The One Your Momma Warned You About
10:00 This is what life is all about – Winning!

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